Oops I did it again… My struggle with ADHD and alcohol

Alcohol and ADHD can be a tricky cocktail (pun intended). I often wonder if I should give it up entirely. But when life get's a bit too monotone I always turn back to the wine bottle for a little relaxation.


No I didn’t play with anyone’s heart and get lost in the game. Instead I got too drunk and I am now stuck with the moral hangover of the century. Currently on day 4 of carefully considering how I should put myself out of my misery. Also adding another to the list of places I can never show my face again.

Look, before you bestow the title of alcoholic upon me, let me defend myself. I rarely drink anymore. Honestly I go out with my husband or girlfriends approximately once a month. But when I do go out – I  go ALL out. The vodka, the red bull, the forbidden – cigarettes. Yum-yum.

I have a tendency to get a little loud and obnoxious when I drink. My already weak filter becomes pretty much non-existent. But it is something that I have worked a lot on – and really feel I have nailed not crossing anyone’s – or my own boundaries anymore. The problem is that I recently started Cymbalta  for my anxiety. And the past two times I have drank alcohol while on this medication I have kind of gone off the deep end. I have holes in my memory. And I glimpses of myself stealing the DJ’s microphone while embarking on a freestyle rap journey I never knew I had in me. Honestly it is just a little much.

Look, I am not gonna get into too many details. I can’t bring myself to relive the gruesome specifics that vividly. But guys – I need your help. Has anyone else had this problem when on anxiety or depression medicine? I know I should probably just stop drinking, but honestly I love it too much. How do you guys deal with the drinking and the crucifying hangovers.

Facts: This article from Healthline states how studies have shown that drinking  alcohol can cause more severe ADHD symptomps. Alcohol impairment could aggravate symptoms of ADHD such as impulsiveness and difficulty focusing. In addition, long-term alcohol use is associated with difficulties with cognition, decision-making, memory, and speech. These effects could worsen symptoms of ADHD.