About Me

At the age of 30 – I was diagnosed with moderate to severe ADHD. A huge relief. My whole life people (including myself) thought I was lazy, spoiled, immature, attention-hungry or simply a fuck up. By the time I was diagnosed I was suffering from anxiety, self-esteem issues and serious problems with regulating my emotions.


Today I am 33, a mother-to-be and my life is in many ways better than ever. I have the husband of my dreams and I am living a pretty awesome life in Los Angeles.


But even with all those ingredients in place – my life is still a struggle a good percent of the time. I am painfully messy and disorganized, I am financially dependent on my husband despite all my entrepreneurial endeavors. I have a hard time with all forms of executive functioning – I literally procrastinate on everything. I get overwhelmed sooo easily. I have a hard time regulating my emotions (though this part is probably where I have made the most progress since my diagnosis- yay!).


I don’t have all the answers, but I sure as hell would like to get them. And though my life will never be the perfect pink picture a lot of people expect and strive for, I am committed to become THE BEST version of me possibly. Whatever it takes. In spite of my ADHD


I hope you will share this journey with me! Maybe if we help each other we can turn this ADHD into our ally J